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About Us

joluzzy was established in 2015 manufacturing and designing a wide range of Bed and Bath items, for your home or commercial need. Owning and operating a retail linen shop for many years has given us an opportunity to learn and understands the unique consumer needs when it comes to Bed and Bath, we learned the benefits of different products on the market, their designs and styles as well as their fabric qualities and properties.

joluzzy stand for QUALITY & EXCELLENCE bringing together extensive research and experience manufacturing great products, to offer you the very best in linen ware, product that boasts great features and top quality.

Starting out with mattress and pillow protectors, with different styles available joluzzy covers everything that pertains to bed and bath. We envision a bright future, with quality at the forefront of our mind. Purchasing from joluzzy assures you to get a top quality product, manufactured with YOU in mind.


Best protecters for you

Joluzzy stand for 'quality & excellence'

We envision a bright future, with quality at the forefront of our mind. Our goal is that when you purchase something from joluzzy, You should be rest assured that you purchase an item of quality

why joluzzy

Great quality

Manufacturing in top quality is our #1 priority, our producs are durable and washable, always comfortable and longlasting.

Excellent Customer service

Joluzzy stands behind its product, your satisfaction is guaranteed, easy to reach and always available our customer service staff will assure your ulitimate satisfaction

Unique selection

We make your choise easy, our variety includes a limited and unique selection of only top qality goods, making your shopping experience quick and simple.